• Peter Cottontail Express – Since our inaugural Peter Cottontail Express was such a resounding success, the museum has decide to start off every season that way. The children get to visit with Peter Cottontail and his helpers and parentswill be able to take their picture together before they get on the train or while they are on the train. All the youngsters will get a special treat from Peter Cottontail before the day is done. These leisurely rides last approximately forty minutes. Call (256) 851-NARM for more information. For prices to this event, please go to our price page  . For schedule dates, please go to our schedule page .
  • Mother’s Day Special– In tribute to moms we present our Mother’s Day Special train trips. Who can say no to those great moms? Make her proud by treating her to a wonderful train ride (and a special flower).  Have her picture made beside the “Mother’s Day Special” sign on the front of the locomotive.  Make mom feel special and make some great memories at the same time! For prices to this event, please go to our price page.  For schedule dates, please go to our schedule page .
  • Father’s Day Special– Let’s not forget about Dad either ! He’s worked hard and deserves a special day and a relaxing train ride on the Mercury & Chase Railroad.  For prices to this event, please go to our price page .  For schedule dates, please go to our schedule page .
  • Victory Special / The Patriot– For Armed Forces / Veteran’s Day come help us celebrate America and those that helped make it possible for us to live in a free country.  You can’t get much more American than railroading, because railroading helped build this country and brought it together as a nation ! Have your picture made next to the “Victory Special / The Patriot” sign proudly displayed on the front of the train.  These are usually full length trips and last approximately one hour and forty minutes.  For prices to this event, please see our price page .  For schedule dates, please see our schedule page .
  • Punkin’ Pickin’ Extravaganza – this train ride in October is a great success each year, so get your  tickets early!  The train goes down the hill and when we reach our western terminus at Normal, Alabama (near Alabama A&M University) the train will stop and the passengers will deboard the train and walk over to the “pumpkin patch” and the youngsters will be able to pick out the pumpkin of their choice (included in the price of their ticket).  The pumpkins are not super large but rather are a good size for the children to carry in a plastic bag that is provided. Then the passengers will again board the train and we will head back to the Chase Depot.  The whole process lasts approximately 45 minutes. For prices to this event, please go to our price page . For schedule dates, please go to our schedule page .
  • Fall Color Special – This is the time of year when the leaves put on their show for us, and there’s nothing like a scenic train trip through the colorful foliage on the Mercury & Chase Railroad.  For prices to this event, please go to our price page .  For schedule dates, please go to our schedule page .
  • Santa Train – Come on out and see the train decorated inside and out.  Talk and visit with Santa on the train and let the little ones have their picture made with him.  And surprise, all the good youngsters will get a special treat from Santa before the day is done.  We have expanded our schedule to try and make sure everyone gets to ride that wants to.  These leisurely Santa Train rides last approximately forty minutes.  Call (256) 851-NARM for more information.  For prices to this event, please go to our price page .  For schedule dates, please go to our schedule page .
  • North Star Limited – Beginning with the 2015 season, NARM began the North Star Limited, an exciting Christmas season ride.  The North Star Limited allows our guests to experience an evening adventure under the wintery stars. Of course, Santa will be on board, spending quality, one-on-one time with each child and their family. The ride lasts approximately 45 minutes, allowing each child to tell Santa everything he or she wants for Christmas. All children on board the North Star Limited will receive a gift from Santa, and every passenger on board, both adults and children, will have a snack waiting for them when they arrive. Children are encouraged to wear their pajamas, a unique experience for this ride. As always, our Gift Shop will be open, detached from the train, so be sure to make a visit ! We hope to make the North Star Limited a new Huntsville Tradition ! Make your reservation early as these rides sell out very quickly ! Call (256) 851-NARM (6276) for more information. For prices to this event, please go to our price page .  For schedule dates, please go to our schedule page .
  • The train is also available for special chartered events.  Please send us email at:   events@northalabamarailroadmuseum.com for more details and to make reservations.

Our regular excursions are run over the entire length of our line to make a 10 mile round trip. These trips last a little over 1 hour. The North Star Limited lasts approximately 45 minutes and the shorter trips last approximately 35 minutes.

The museum’s volunteer staff is present each Wednesday and Saturday until 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. to assist visitors. The museum is also open by special appointment. Visitors may take a free self-guided tour and there are tour sheets and museum brochures in the waybill box located on the north side of the depot. We request visitors to stay off the track do not climb on equipment and to obey all signs (security cameras are on premises). Unfortunately we no longer offer guided tours. The museum depends on its income from train rides and donations from visitors who are interested in seeing a bit of our local rail history preserved.  Donations are always welcomed !

Museum brochures and train schedules can be found locally at the Tourist Information Center on Church Street and at the museum’s Chase Depot.  The tickets you purchase will list your car number and seat number(s).  Please go here for scheduling information.

Safety Notes:

We want your visit to the museum to be a safe and enjoyable one, so we ask that you please abide by the following guide lines:

  • Train operations require the use of loud whistles that may startle very young children and there are safety considerations around trains and heavy equipment, therefore we ask that you keep young children close by your side and under control.
  • Please wear comfortable properly fitting (casual) clothes and shoes that provide good footing for the train ride and / or tour.
  • Please, when you visit, do not attempt to walk or balance on top of the rails or allow children to.  Rails are very slippery and can cause a very a bad fall and serious injury.
  • Please do not place objects such as coins on top of rails.
  • Please do not allow children to climb on equipment as this could prove to be very dangerous.
  • Please obey all of the museum signs including the “No Visitors Beyond This Point” signs.


  • To order tickets by phone, please call the Chase depot 256-851-6276 Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8PM, Saturday 9AM to 5PM, and Sunday 1PM to 6 PM to speak to an operator. You may also order your tickets using the “Buy Tickets” button on this website.  Credit cards are accepted to include Visa, Mastercard and Discovery card .
  • Prices are subject to change, please call to verify.
  • Any seats remaining or any unclaimed seats will be sold at 5 minutes before scheduled departure on a first come / first served basis at the ticket counter.
  • Passengers should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure times.
  • For all regular train rides, babes in arms (not requiring a seat) ride for free.  For our special train rides (Peter Cottontail, Punkin’ Pickin’ Extravaganza, North Star Limited and the Santa Train), every rider, regardless of age, must have a ticket. These special train rides are specifically intended for families with children. All children must be accompanied by an adult on all train rides.
  • No food or drink is permitted on the train.  Remember, you’re riding in classic antiques.
  • If you bring a baby stroller you will be asked to store it nearby before boarding the train for the ride.
  • Wheelchair spaces are only available in car 1000, so please be aware of this when you purchase your tickets as this car is not always on the train (for example the Santa Train rides). When you buy your tickets you will be asked to specify if it is for a wheelchair space (only 2 wheelchair spaces are available per train ride).
  • The souvenir shop is located in car 1000 and we do accept credit card purchases. When car 1000 is not on the train (for example the Santa Train rides) it will be parked across the tracks from the Chase Depot and may be visited before or after a train ride. This could be a good chance to get your Christmas shopping done!

We recommend that riders make reservations in advance for the train rides, especially if you are coming from a far distance.  Riders should always make reservations well in advance for the Santa Train and the North Star Limited as these rides sell out very early.