A few years ago,  our museum was fortunate enough to be able to purchase the former Chase Nursery Office building.  Although it was in need of much repair,  it would allow the museum a large amount of storage space as well as space for museum meetings and general office use.  This building was the main office for what was at one time the largest nursery in the southeast. The building housed a large safe where the payroll was kept and a small access window can still be seen where the nursery workers were slipped their modest checks.  The largest repair associated with this building was the removal of a delicate but leaky Spanish style ceramic tile roof and the installation of a modern contemporary style metal roof.  This was accomplished through the dedicated work of museum volunteers and we are happy to report that the building now stays high and dry.


This being accomplished,  the museum could now turn its attention towards moving its library from a small room in the Chase Depot to a larger room in the office building.  This has been accomplished and the library is now open for museum members to enjoy.  The library contains numerous railroad related books,  technical manuals,  video tapes and other media that can be checked out. Reference books may be viewed on the premises only.

Also,  the museum library has available an extensive periodical collection of model railroad magazines.  If you are interested in an older issue(s), please come by the NARM library or email us.  We will be happy to fill your request if the magazine is available.

The prices are:
Magazines 10 years or less
Magazines 10 to 25 years
Magazines over 25 years