Other Museum Railroad Equipment 

Dubuque Ice Bunker Refrigerator (And A/V) Car...

This is an ice bunker style refrigerator car which saw extended use in the 1930's and 1940's. Its concept was very simple in that blocks of ice were placed inside large bunkers on each end. There are heavy doors on the roof to allow the ice to be dropped in. Electric fans on the walls on each end serve to circulate the cold air coming from the ice throughout the car. This car was used to keep packaged produce cool while enroute to its destination. Museum members have converted the inside of the car and installed a projection screen on which a slide presentation can be shown and an air conditioner now keeps the car cool. This car is used to provide presentations about our museum to the public and also to show educational programs provided by Operation Lifesaver to youngsters about railroad safety.

Southern Heavy-Weight Passenger Coach...

Our Southern heavy-weight passenger coach was built in 1926 for Southern Railway by Pullman. It is a 46 seat coach and is typical of the way passengers traveled by rail in the 1930's, 40's and even 50's. It had a very clever air conditioning system that was operated by steam, which was very handy since it was pulled mostly by steam locomotives.

Dining Coach No. 1000...

Our dining coach has a very interesting history behind it. It began life in 1943 as an Army hospital car that contained numerous beds and was used to transport the sick and injured. In the 1950's it was acquired by the Air Force and converted into a Strategic Air Command car for use in practice bombing missions. Then it was later retired and was acquired by an individual who lived in Moundville, Alabama. When it was donated to our museum, it had been vandalized to the point that all of the glass had been broken out. Museum members then went about the task of rebuilding the coach into a diner. Tables have been installed that will accommodate up to 40 persons and a concession area and souvenir area have been built on opposite ends. The car is occasionally rented out to various groups for meetings. This car is air conditioned and heated. Rates are available on request (256) 851-NARM.

Southern Railway Sleeper Ocmulgee River...

This sleeping beauty was built in 1949 by Pullman Standard for the Southern Railway System. It is known as a 10-6 configuration since it had 10 roomettes and 6 bedroom compartments. It was named the Ocmulgee River and served time on different Southern Railway trains including the Southern Crescent which passed through Alabama on its way from New Orleans to Washington, D.C., stopping in such Alabama towns as Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Anniston. There is an Ocmulgee River in Georgia that one would assume this car was named for. This car had a small electrical fire in one of the compartments when it was in service and was donated to our museum back when Jim Bistline was Assistant to the President of Southern Railway. It is in extremely good shape and has required minimal restoration.

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