Ongoing Museum Activities

The North Alabama Railroad Museum is currently engaged in an ambitious work program
including the following projects:

  • Repair / Rebuild of Prime Mover In Locomotive No. 484

This will be a big job to say the least, but we have been using our backup locomotive, ALCo No 213, for quite a while now and it will be good to have No. 484 back in service.  Our Chief Mechanical Officer is looking into what is ailing 213 and it's been narrowed down to cylinders number 4 and 5. Work has begun in earnest and if all goes well we will be able to complete most of the work ourselves. It's possible the turbo will have to be replaced as well.

  • Installation of Generator into Baggage Car No. 139

Installation of this generator will alllow us to power the whole train from one loacation. This will provide us a dependable power source and will also open up other possibilities in the future !

  • Restoration of the ALCo/GE/Ingersoll-Rand Boxcab Locomotive

The 1926 Boxcab Locomotive is of special interest to railroad historians. This locomotive and those of its type were the forerunners to the modern day diesel locomotives that eventually spelled the end of the steam era. This is a very rare locomotive that was built through a concerted effort with ALCo (American Locomotive Co.) building the body and related parts, General Electric furnishing the traction motors and electricals and Ingersoll-Rand providing the 300 horsepower prime mover. Our locomotive, originally No. 11 then and now, served breifly as a demonstrator unit and eventually was bought by Union Carbide in Niagra Falls. There it served for most of its life until it was transferred to the Union Carbide plant in Sheffield, Alabama. It was donated to our museum by Union Carbide on July 28, 1977. The prime mover was replaced in 1960 by a Caterpillar unit of the same horsepower rating. It is thought to be one of only a few boxcabs of this type left in the country and one of only 2 boxcabs left that had end doors. The restoration of the Boxcab outer body metal is largely complete. All the sections that had been severely altered have now been replaced to original configuration. All of the non-original windows have been replaced and good progress has also been made inside with a majority of the walls and ceiling being de-scaled, primed and painted. The National Railway Historical Society "Railway Heritage Grant" made much of this work possible. However, much work remains inside and out. On the outside the end steps that were added must be removed and the couplers and related mechanisms returned to original configuration. New doors will need to be built and numerous cosmetic appliances replaced. Inside, a complete control and brake stand will need to be replaced as well as many other items. And finally, the mechanical and electrical components will need a thorough rework before this locomotive can once again propel itself down the track. For a more detailed look at the boxcab's progress, you may go here to another website.

  • Miscellaneous Projects

At NARM,  we always seem to have several projects going at any given time.  Some of the projects in progress at present are:

  • Exterior restoration of the Plevna Depot.
  • Roof repair on several of the coaches is a constant need as leaks seem to develop out of no where.
  • Track maintenance is always an ongoing project,  but it is worth it in order to provide a good safe ride for our passengers.
  • These are just a few of our ongoing projects. If you would like to become a member and help us complete some of these projects, or if you already are a member, you can see there is plenty of work to go around !
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